CrossFit Spokane


Meet 68 year old Edie Schurra and learn about to her experience with CrossFit Spokane.

That's what fitness is: I'm able to live my life and I'm independent.

Edie Schurra
Meet Sarah and Nicole and hear about their experience working out with CrossFit Spokane while being pregnant.

As long as I stay moving and as long as I stay active, that's when my body feels it's best; to know that I'm doing something healthy for me and the baby.

Sarah and Nicole

Meet John and Vanessa and hear about their experience as a married couple with CrossFit Spokane.

It's fun to see each other continue to get better and better, and stronger and strong, but also encourage each other in our successes.

John and Vanessa

Meet Michael Cathcart and learn about to his experience with CrossFit Spokane.

Working out here at Crossfit Spokane has just been a huge blessing in my life and has helped me to achieve levels of fitness that I only dreamed about.

Mike Cathcart

Everyone is supportive of your journey to becoming a better, faster, stronger version of yourself! I am so greatful the coaches take time to watch and explain every movement and make it a priority to ensure proper form and efficient lifting! thank you for your commitment to health and safety!

Melissa J

I travel weekly for work, dropping in at boxes all over the world. Crossfit Spokane is definitely one of the 3 or 4 best gyms I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. Mike and Angela have not only created a clean, bright, well run and well stocked facility, but it’s as warm and welcoming an environment as you’ll find anywhere.

John C

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