Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is the single biggest factor when it comes to feeling better, moving better and looking better. Whether your goal is improved health, fat loss, muscle gain or a combination of them; better nutrition is at the core of your success. Every person is different in what works for them. Foods, lifestyle, schedule, workout routine and frequency…  All these things have to be considered.

We don’t just offer you a cookie cutter nutrition plan Like the Zone, Paleo, Keto… We teach you how to eat in a way that works best for your body. We keep you accountable and on track through weekly in-person meeting, nutrition tracking, body composition tracking, daily emails / tasks and habit development.


  • $100 - Month to Month
  • $75 - 6-12 month Commitment
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Working out here at Crossfit Spokane has just been a huge blessing in my life and has helped me to achieve levels of fitness that I only dreamed about.
Mike Cathcart
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