Labor Day

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Hope you all are having a wonderful extended, Labor Day weekend. Come on in a burn off all those calories many of you ate at Pig Out in the Park!!
WOD at 9am or 5pm.

5 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Belly Fat

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When you set out to live a healthier, better life, part of your goal was to shed that belly fat that has plagued you all these years. However, try as you may, it sticks around like a bad habit. While extra belly fat is a deterrent to your self-confidence, it comes with an array of serious health dangers as well. From increased risk for cancer to heart disease to diabetes, unwanted belly bulge puts your life at risk every day.
If you’ve been struggling to kiss it goodbye, it may be for one of these five reasons. 

Reason #1: Your Mediocre Workout


As long as you can remember, medical experts have recommended you get at least 30 minutes of exercise a few days a week. And for good reason. Much of the industrialized world has cut movement out of their lives in many ways, making it necessary to hit the gym in order to stay fit. However, if you think 30 minutes of light jogging on the treadmill three days a week is going to get rid of that belly fat, think again. To burn the flab, you’ll need to add strength training to your routine. Doing this will add muscle to your frame, which will help burn more pounds of fat. It will also put your muscles where they belong, which helps your belly look flatter.


Reason #2: Your Fork


Getting rid of belly fat can’t only be done in the gym. It requires a lifestyle change that includes being very cautious of what you put in your mouth. That means cutting out the processed foods, saturated fats, and whatever else is likely to cause fat to cling to your midsection. In case you’re curious, that includes too much healthy food also. Remember: everything has calories, and if your body doesn’t use it, it’s got to go somewhere, and your waistline is a likely candidate. But your fork isn’t the only thing that matters. Not drinking enough water is a sure recipe for belly fat. After all, there’s a reason a pudgy front is called a beer belly.


Reason #3: Your Stress Levels


When you feel stressed, it’s because something in your life is going on and you simply can’t let go of it until it’s resolved. Unfortunately, when you don’t let go of stress, fat doesn’t let go of you. It’s due to the chemical cortisol, which is released by your body when you’re facing stress. Harmless as a hormone may seem, this one kicks your appetite into gear and may even make it harder for your body to shed fat. So relax and help your waistline slim down.


Reason #4: Your Sleep Habits


Going to sleep is not exciting. Doing it feels like you’re doing nothing. But when you’re in the battle against the belly bulge, getting quality sleep every night is key. How important is it? When researchers concluded 16 years of research into the health of nearly 70,000 women, they saw that the women who slept five or fewer hours every night were at a 30-percent increased risk for gaining 30 pounds than those who got seven hours of shuteye on a nightly basis.


Reason #5: You’re Aging

mikeangela pushup

This one is the hardest to accept, because there is nothing you can do to avoid getting older. With age, your metabolism drops, making it harder to burn off calories while at rest, but your appetite may not take a plunge. Making weight gain even more likely is the drop in estrogen and progesterone in women and testosterone in men. But don’t think aging means you have to simply accept weight gain.


By sleeping well, eating healthily, working out right, and cutting out stress, you can beat the odds and lose the belly fat that has taunted you, no matter your age. And we are here to help.

Call or email today to get started on an exercise program that will rid you of your belly fat once and for all. We are here for you.

Members Only Transformation Challenge

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Open to all Current Members of CrossFit Spokane.

6 Week Transformation Challenge to get you motivated for the coming “Bikini Season” and to also to earn some bragging rights.

Dan Before and after


Current CrossFit Spokane Members ONLY


6 Week Transformation Challenge

Nutrition Guidance

Goal setting

Physical Challenges (Homework:)

Muscle Building Plan (Bro Sessions w/ Mike)

Weekly emails to keep you on track and motivated


Official start day is Monday May 16th – Sunday 26th June

Kick Off Brief, Measurements and Before Pics Sunday May 15th 530pm


Because we all want to fit into our Summer Bikini


The Winner will receive a FREE Month of Unlimited CrossFit Training

Entry Fee






These 7 Foods Hide MASSIVE Sugar

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It’s hard to avoid sugar when many common foods secretly contain loads of it.
You know that eating an excess of sugar will derail your fitness progress and quickly lead to an increase in body fat, but recent studies are proving that sugar is much more dangerous than we once thought.Your risk of heart attack doubles when 20 percent or more of your calories come from sugar, according to a new study published in JAMA International Medicine.

That is no joke! So with obesity and heart disease on the line, let’s uncover the 7 common foods that you didn’t know contain sugar.

1. Fruit Yogurt
Yogurt is packaged and marketed as a diet food for women, which is outrageous. The pretty little packages may be low in fat, but just one serving contains a whopping 19 grams of sugar.


2. Pasta Sauce
This one may come as a surprise, since pasta sauce is considered to be a savory food, but alas, it has loads of sugar hiding in it. For every half a cup of store bought pasta sauce you’re ingesting 12 grams of sugar.

pasta sauce

3. Agave Nectar
Many think of agave nectar as a free pass, since it has been so cleverly marketed as a health food, but sadly this sweetener is just as dangerous as white sugar. Agave nectar is 85% fructose.

Agave Nectar

4. Dried Fruit
Yes, even our fruit isn’t safe anymore. Most companies are adding extra sugar in with their dried fruit, making it as sweet as candy. Just 1/3 of a cup contains 24 grams of sugar.

Dried Fruit

5. Granola Bars
It may boast wholesome, whole grains on the package, but your favorite granola bar is hiding a sickly sweet secret. The average packaged granola bar contains 12 grams of sugar.

Granola Bars

6. Energy Drinks
When you need an afternoon pick-me-up, think twice before reaching for that energy drink. Mega energy drinks contain up to 83 grams of sugar.

Energy Drinks

7. BBQ Sauce
There’s a reason that those BBQ chicken wings are finger licking good…all that sugar it’s hiding. A 2 Tablespoon serving will set you back 13 grams of sugar. Start eliminating the sugar-packed foods in your diet today. Your body and your heart will both be in better shape for it.

BBQ Sauce

And let’s not forget the place that a challenging, consistent exercise program has in your quest for good health and a fit physique. My programs are specially designed to blast fat and to build muscle in all the right places.

2016 Empire Classic Games

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2016 Empire Classic logo copy 2

Join us for the 2016 EMPIRE CLASSIC GAMES.


This years categories for the competition

Mens/Womens RX”d

Mens/Womens Scaled

Mens/Womens Masters 40yr old +

Team (2 men/1 women)



Get ready!

The Spokane Empire Classic Games will be at the Spokane Convention Center!

This is a 1 day CrossFit competition which will include three events plus one final event.

-Men’s / Women’s RX division (20 spots)
-Men’s / Women’s Scaled division (20 spots)
-Men’s / Women’s Masters division (40 yr old +) (10 spots)
-Team division (2 men / 1 women) (10 Teams)

Spots are limited, so be sure to register before it’s too late! Registration deadline is Sunday, May 1st.

 Sign Up Below

Competitors sign up here:

Individual Registration ($65 per Competitor)

*Limit to 20 spots in each category & 10 spots for Master’s*


Team Registration  ($195 per Team)

*Limit to 10 Teams*

Want to volunteer? Sign up here:

Volunteers and Judges Registration (FREE)



More information (including the workouts) will be posted soon!

Athlete check-in: Friday Night 6pm-8pm Saturday Morning 6:30-7:30am
Athlete briefing: 7:30-7:45am
Workouts start at 8:00am



As categories fill up there will be a waiting list for that category.  We will then begin to take spots from other categories to open space for the high demand categories.

Example: Scaled fills up (20) and has 4 people on the waiting list.  RX’d has 5 spots open (15+5) we will take 4 spots as needed to meet the need of the scaled category (24) RX’d Category (16).  The goal is to have as much participation as possible and not have any vacancies.

DO NOT wait till the last minute to register your spot maybe gone.

For updated information

please visit and “Like”

Empire Classic Facebook Page



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