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9 am Group

9AM Group.  All Smiles.

9am absSome extra CORE work after the daily workout.

12pm group

12pm Lunch time Group.  Ready to get showered up and back to work.




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So you want to try CrossFit?

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Every time we start a new “Beginner Series” I like to congratulate the people for having the courage to come in and give CrossFit Spokane a try. For some this can be a very intimidating venture for them. Looking through the window all someone would see is an open floor with pullup bars medicine balls, kettle bells, dumbbells, barbells and climbing ropes. You would see people jumping, lifting, pulling, sweating and working very hard. “Wait”, where are all the machines? Someone might think to themselves “I can’t do that”. For some people looking through the window is as close as they will ever get to experiencing CrossFit Spokane. This is a very sad thing because they had an interest maybe a little curiosity, but couldn’t bring themselves to jump in and give it a try.


They missed many very important things that happen everyday here that you just can’t see looking through the window. They missed the community, they missed the team work, they missed the support of fellow CrossFitters, they missed the quality coaching, they missed the fact that most everyone is just like them. Had they just come in and given it a try they would have seen all this and realized that they could have done it and they would have had  fun participating. Overtime they would have seen that they begin to feel better, move better, perform better and look better. In a few weeks they would laugh, looking back and thinking how intimidating it looked from the outside and in fact it’s a very welcoming environment who supports new faces in the gym.


IMG_8668 (2)


Our goal at CrossFit Spokane is to bring you the best possible CrossFit training in a very supportive and encouraging environment.  If you are interested in giving it a try or if you have had a bad experience at another CrossFit gym we invite you to come in and just give us a try.  We would be happy to answer any questions, show you around and take you through our “Baseline” workout.


Which one are you?

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Why does person one whom appears to the same thing as person two, but person two gets better results?  Let’s take a closer look at that and ask a few questions.



  • Knows quality food is important, but doesn’t always choose wisely
  • Goes to the gym
  • Does the group warm up
  • Goes through the skill practice
  • Does the workout
  • Seems to work hard
  • Finishes workout
  • Drinks water
  • Maybe puts their time/weight on the board
  • Gets belongings and leaves
  • Doesn’t think about food for a few hours
  • Total time per day committed to their fitness 50-60 min (workout dependent)
  • Achieves desired results; Possibly


  • Knows food is the foundation of their efforts and makes wise choices at least 80% of the time
  • Goes to the gym
  • Spends 10 min on corrective exercise/personal warm up
  • Does group warm up
  • Tries to get every rep perfect during the skill practice
  • Does the workout
  • Tries to do better than last time
  • Finishes workout
  • Drinks water
  • Puts their time/weight on the board
  • Put their time/weight in workout log
  • Begins to drink their post workout shake
  • Spends an extra 10min stretching and foam rolling
  • Realizes the next meal is important
  • Total time committed to their fitness 1hr 10min
  • Achieves desired results; YES


It should be obvious who will have the better outcome.

Subject 2 spent 30min more a week, but has a better chance of desired results.

Just being here is better than 80% of america, but there’s more to it and more that can be done.

Just showing up and going through the motions doesn’t cut it; no matter what program you are doing or whom you train with.

First you have to give crap then you have to do the work and put out the effort.

If any one tells you or promises different they are full of Crap. There are no short cuts.

There are faster ways than others and ways to tip the scale in your favor, but in the end it’s you.


Questions for yourself

What are your health, fitness and performance goals?

What are doing to reach them?

Which subject best describes you?



Christmas and New Years Hours

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For any traveling CrossFitters coming to Spokane for the Holidays.

You are welcome to join us at CrossFit Spokane while you are in town.  

We love meeting new people and love training with other CrossFitters.  

CF christmas

Here are our holiday hours 


24 Dec Tue Closed

25 Dec  Wed Closed

26 Dec Thur 10am Only

27 Dec Fri Normal Hours

New Years

31 Dec Tue 10am Only

1 Jan Wed Closed

2 Jan Normal Hours

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