Summer Transformation 2015

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Look and Feel Your Best

Summer is almost here and you want to look and feel your best, Right?  Imagine hanging out at the pool, beach or on a cruise wearing that bathing suit that you look awesome in and feeling comfortable with it.  Maybe you have a physical event or challenge (hiking, biking, triathlon…) that you need to be ready for, but need help getting prepared. It’s a fact that it’s much easier to reach your goals when you have guidance, motivation and accountability.  Well, guess what?  CrossFit Spokane has the perfect “Transformation” program for you.

Crossfit Spokane is here to help you reach your goals and get you on the road to being the best you!


We Have Your “Summer Body” Solution!!!




The Pre-Summer Transformation Challenge will begin on Monday June 1st


Absolutely NO experience is necessary


It is a 6 week Challenge designed to Lose Weight, Burn Fat and Boost Your Metabolism

Get your Summer 2015 fitness goals off to a running start


Fun, Supportive, Energetic and Safe Environment


Everyone who participates and follows the program WINS!!!



Who wants to Burn Fat and Get into great shape can register and you will



old ladies



Start Date:

Monday June 1st – Sunday July 12th 


Rules, Weigh-in, Before Picture and Measurements

Will be Done on Sunday May 31th at 6:30pm at

(CrossFit Spokane) 116 E Augusta Ave Spokane WA

Note: If you have have a current before picture (2-3weeks) and want to use it, you are welcome to.

How Long:

6 Weeks

What’s Included:

  • Unlimited Coaching and Workouts

  • Unlimited Spin and Yoga Classes

  • FREE 2 week “Beginner Series”

  • Weekly Motivational Emails

  • Nutrition Plan

  • Online Food Journals (To be reviewed weekly by your coach)

  • Fitness Tracking

  • Weekly One on One Meeting to Review Your Progress and Keep You on Track


$97 (Non-CrossFit Spokane Members)


 $55 (2 Payments 3 weeks apart)



Q1) Why is it only 6 weeks?

A1) We do it for 6 weeks because in our experience its much easier for most people to stay focused and motivated for a shorter period of time than the typical 12week Transformation challenges. Because they are shorter 6 week Challenge you can have several highly focused and motivated periods in a year, so your results last longer.  (Longer does not mean better)

Q2) Do I have to do the 2 week “Beginner Series”

A2) No, but if you have not done one before it is highly encouraged.  The “Beginner Series” is designed to set you up for success by preparing you and instructing you on the various movements, form and technique.  However our coaches are very capable of assisting you through the daily workouts if you are not able to make it work.

Q3) When are the “Beginner Series”

A3) Mon/ Wed/ Fri at 830am or Tue/ Thur/ Sat 730pm (Sat at 11am)

Q4) Is it an intimidating atmosphere?

A4) 100% NO.  99% 0f the people at CrossFit Spokane are just like you; they just want to feel better, look better, move better and live a better life.  Our members are what CrossFit Spokane so great. Come see for yourself:)

Q5) How often can I come in and get coached/workout?

A5) You can come in to as many of the scheduled training times you want to. This is including Spin and Yoga.  Most people will start with 3 days a week of CrossFit and 1-2 days of extra work: walk/jog, Yoga, Spin…


Time to get Back Into your Skinny Jeans!!!

Skinny Jeans


This is Your BEST Chance To Have Your BEST Body Ever


Get ready for Summer & Get the Body You Want




If you have questions about the challenge please contact us at




2015 “FENDER”

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The Workout
4 man team
Travel 2 miles w/ 2 “Rucks” per team
300 reps of each
*Kettlebell swings
*Box Jumps
*Wall Balls
*Pull ups
*Push ups
This can be done in any order
The team must travel together
Only 2 people workout at 1 time
The team will carry their Kettlebells in the Ruck
This year we will be doing the “FENDER” Memorial workout on Saturday May 16th at 9am.  This year will be very similar to years past: an awesome workout, a lot of people participating, good BBQ (POT LUCK STYLE), and all for a good cause.  If you are coming with another affiliate or you have some equipment and you are able to, please bring: Kettlebells, Med Balls and Military style “Alice” Pack if you have it (please clearly mark your gear).


Lythanial Fender and many many more men, women and their families have made the ultimate sacrifice, so you can have the freedoms and way of life we sometimes take for granted. The least you can do is come and support and remember him and the brave members of our military for a few hours. Don’t be “weak”, anyone can do it.
Bring your 4 man team or just bring yourself and we will group you up accordingly to your ability.


Show Time
Workout Time
“FENDER” in the NEWS

Being the Example

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I decided to sit down and watch a movie this evening, which is a rare opportunity for me. As I scrolled through the choices on my Netflix account, I saw a documentary called “Fed Up” and decided to go with that. It’s a documentary about the child obesity epidemic in America today. Listening to the parents say they can’t afford to feed their family healthy foods, or that they can’t keep their kids from eating the junk made me cringe!




Parents need to get out of the idea that has been fed to Americans that we need to be buying all these extra snacks for our children. You know, the kind in the box that they can grab quick because “the kids are growing”. I am sorry, but if my child’s body is in the process of growing, that is, growing up and growing strong, then shouldn’t I be feeding them food from its natural form with nutrients that will grow a healthy human body?? Because the box says low fat and high in fiber does not mean it’s healthy. For goodness sake, it can sit on a shelf for months! Not to mention the extra money all those processed snacks cost!  Why cant we as parents give our kids an apple, carrot sticks, or the good ol staple…ants on a log (yum!) ?



It makes me wonder if the parents are setting the example themselves. As parents we need to set a standard and be an example of what we want our children to grow up and be. Do parents really want their kids to grow up with horrible health issues? Of course not. Maybe they haven’t been taught what healthy looks like or they have just been fed lies from the food industry for too many years and struggle to know how or what to eat most of the time (however, this is a whole other topic for another time)



I have been a health nut for many years. I was very blessed to have grown up in a healthy family and was taught what good health and nutritions was from a very early age. No dieting, no starving ourselves, just fueling our bodies with nutritious, natural foods. Granted, we ate a chocolate chip cookie here and there, or a bowl of ice cream, or my favorite, lucky charms. However, it was an occasional treat and we were so used to not having those things  that one treat was plenty.


As I started having my own children and continued to pass my healthy habits on to them, I would often find myself being confronted by people about my “strict rules”. Comments like “they’re kids, let them be kids” or “they just played a soccer game let them have the soda and candy bar” were all too common. Sure, I let my kids have a soda here and there, or cake on their birthday or popcorn at the movies, but why do my children need to feel that every time they play a 45 minute soccer game they need eat a fruit by the foot containing 35 grams of sugar along with a soda that contains another 45 grams of sugar just because “they earned it”? No they didn’t earn a sugary treat! They earned self-confidence when they scored that goal. They earned the importance of teamwork and they learned how amazing some exercise outdoors makes them feel. They didn’t earn sugar and quite frankly I don’t want them growing up thinking that every time they do something active they earned their junk food.



I have gone against the norm for many years and have taken a lot of crap for it. As the fitness industry continues to grow and people are learning the dangers of these foods I don’t get made fun of or mocked quite so much anymore. Instead I get questions. Questions about how I convince my children to eat healthy or say no to the junk. Questions about what I do as a mom of four to stay healthy.


The truth is I don’t have to convince my kids to do anything as far as good nutrition goes; it is part of what we have always done and it is all they know. We all have to start from the beginning. We as parents have to make the conscious decision to be eating nutritious food ourselves that will make us strong and demonstrates what it looks like to be happy and healthy.


With all this said, I just hope to see more parents being the example. For parents to understand that good nutrition and health habits start from an early age and our children learn their habits by watching ours. If we don’t teach our children when they are young, they will be in for a lifetime of struggles.  We cannot be surprised as parents when our children are struggling with their health when we ourselves are struggling with ours. What are you doing today to be that example?





Empire Classic Games 2015

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Get ready!

The Spokane Empire Classic Games will be visiting the Northern Quest Resort & Casino!

This is a 1 day CrossFit competition which will include three events plus one final event.

-Men’s RX division
-Women’s RX division
-Men’s Scaled division
-Women’s Scaled division

Spots are limited to 30 per category so be sure to register before it’s too late! Registration deadline is Sunday, April 26.

Sign Up Below

Competitors sign up here:

Want to volunteer? Sign up here:


More information (including the workouts) will be posted soon!

Athlete check-in: 7:30-8:15am
Athlete briefing: 8:30-8:45am
Workouts start at 9:00am

Empire Classic Facebook Page

My Journey Part 2

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Here I am going in an opposite direction from my last post. In “My Journey Part 1” I talked about the part of pregnancy where my body was strong and how great it was that my body would allow me to continue with my workouts. There are also times when we find out we need to back off and how important it is to once again listen to our bodies.

Here is that part of my journey:

“ I am going to have a beautiful, natural childbirth with no drugs and it’s going to be so wonderful. Then after baby I will recover so quick I will be back to myself in no time.” These are the words I spoke to myself while I was pregnant with my first daughter.

My dreams of that beautiful, natural childbirth were quickly squashed at one of my doctor’s appointments about halfway through my pregnancy when they were performing a routine ultrasound and found that I had a condition that would prevent me from ever birthing a child naturally. It devastated me. I wanted so bad to have the “perfect birth” that all the mamas dream about and I had heard one too many stories about how c-sections ruin your body and that your stomach will never be the same. That I would never be able to use my abs the way I had used them before, but those thoughts quickly diminished when I thought of the safety of my unborn child.


About 3 more months went by and the day had come. At 8:30pm on June 14,2000 Kayla came into our lives. She was beautiful.

As I started to come to and have feeling from the chest down again, I realized how sore I was going to be. It hurt to sit up, it hurt to walk, it hurt to laugh, to cough, really anything that made me move. Back then they closed the incision with staples, so I when I looked down I believe I saw what resembled Frankenstien. Not to mention the pain from the rocks someone stuffed in my breasts! I knew then the road to recovery from this would not be exactly easy.


The first week was hard. Those were the days I just laid in bed and was barely able to roll over to nurse my child or I would ask for hubby to fetch anything and everything I needed. The only time I got up was to use the bathroom or if I just need to move my legs for a few minutes.  But during that week and the next several weeks I enjoyed my time recovering by cuddling, relaxing and soaking up every  minute I had bonding with my sweet little baby.


By weeks 2 and 3 I was walking a little; around the block one time with baby in the stroller. That one lap made me tired and sore. By week 4 I was walking a couple times around the block and was regaining some energy. Then by week 6 I got the go ahead to start working out again but to take it easy. I gradually started to add back in my strength training, but I had no idea how much I had lost. Pushups were hard due to my weak core. Anything overhead, forget it, back to the empty bar; again my core couldn’t take it. It was a struggle, but everyday I told myself to just get in there and do what I could. Planks hurt, but they seemed to be the one thing I could do (and I did a lot of them)!

It took several months to feel like myself again and every day I would get just a little bit stronger. It took a whole lot of humbling myself and accepting myself right where I was. That was the hardest part; accepting where I was. I had to remember that wherever I was, it was good enough and if I wanted to get strong again I needed to have confidence in the process.


I have since had three more beautiful daughters via c-sections and have recovered well. No, my stomach isn’t damaged for life. No my body isn’t ruined. It is still a strong vessel that has recovered from 4 major surgeries and I have become a stronger person because of it. Each one I recovered slightly different from. The last one was definitely the hardest, but it wasn’t my first rodeo and I had learned patience and knew what I needed to do to restore my body again.

With all this said, I hope that my story will bring you peace if you are faced with the decision of having to have a c-section. It won’t be easy, but it isn’t impossible to be just the way you were before the pregnancy, if not even better! As far as the scar goes, well it’s there, but I look it as a badge of honor. It’s a mark of 4 of the most beautiful days of my life.

We are all different and we all have to treat our bodies accordingly. You need to trust the process and take those weeks that your body is healing to bond with your new bundle of joy. Believe me, those sweet newborn moments are gone so fast that the last thing you need to be doing in those moments is worrying about where you used to be! You will get there. Just be consistent and trust the process.  Above all else, enjoy the fact that your body grew a human life no matter how they were brought into this world.






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