Giving Thanks

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We are all into our Thanksgiving time of year and I want to be sure that we take a moment to STOP and remember what each one of us is thankful for.  It only takes a few minutes and it will help to keep us grounded and focused on what is truly  important in our lives. In our daily tasks, work and social distractions we tend to lose site of what is important to us and what life is REALY about.

“Be Thankful”



I Am Thankful For. (Just a few,but I am Thankful for so much more)




Our Military

Our Freedom

My Business

Our Clients

My Health

My House


What does your list look like?

It feels good to really recognize and appreciate the things we have even if they are not perfect or could be better; remember, things could always be worse.  When we are grateful  and thankful we become capable of creating and developing so many more positive things in our lives as well as other peoples lives.

I ask that you STOP and think about what you are Blessed with and what you can be Thankful for.  Then, try to bless someone else, so they can feel the joy of “Thanksgiving” as well (Pay It Forward).


Training Times

We will have a 9am training time on “Thanksgiving” (Thursday) and Friday.  We will be back to normal training times on Saturday (9am, 10am, 11am “Beginner Series”) and Sunday 9am only.

If you are traveling to Spokane our if your gym is closed you are welcome to jon us.

Our Drop In Fee is “FREE”.  We have never charged for fellow CrossFitters.


(Not a Turkey, but a cool bird and a cool meaning)


Bless Someone by giving them the gift of “Health and fitness” this Christmas season.

 Our positive and supportive  ”Gym Culture” is the Ideal place to begin anyone’s life improvement and fitness journey.

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Be Honest

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    It has been far too long since I have typed a blog post here and since my mind is going a million miles an hour on several different topics I thought it was about time I sit down and be “be honest” with you all because that is what my mind was on today.


  I just got done with a WOD in my garage this morning that I really didn’t care for. (I am sure you can all relate) I had this moment within the workout where I thought to myself “just stop at four rounds, you really don’t need to do the five you planned on doing” but I know better so I continued with every slow rep and stayed at a pace that I knew my form would not fail. I didn’t set a clock, I just went as hard as I knew I could and gave it everything, knowing that I can only do my best and not someone else’s best.



    Have you ever thought this, “just do 8 reps instead of 10 and move on, no one will even notice. This WOD is getting hard and the coaches aren’t counting my reps today anyway”? I wonder how many of you out there have done this. Or maybe you even do it on purpose just to get a better looking number on the board? This is a pet peeve of mine! I know that our coaches do a wonderful job of coaching, guiding, correcting form, modifying and motivating, but on a day to day basis it is the client’s job to count their own reps and the coaches want everyone to be honest with themselves and the other members. If you honestly loose track of where you were at, go with the lower number of where you think you might be. Better to do an extra rep than cheat yourself out of work. 



This might come as a surprise to you….but did you know if you cheat on the reps you are only cheating yourself?? Mind blowing, I know!!!


mind blow  

    There is an athlete inside of you that wants to be better, stronger, faster, more powerful, but if you are constantly worried about beating someone else’s time/score so much that you cheat the workout, you are doing yourself no favors! The top athletes in the world did not get to the top by cheating themselves.



This is not aimed at any particular people, as I don’t know who does it or if they are doing it. It was just a thought I had today and I know that there are competitive people out there that think getting the fastest time on the board is more important than being their best. That is a sad thing. SO today I challenge you to turn your back to the clock, don’t look at the white board before you start the workout, and just go as hard as you can. If you are doing your best and being brutally honest with yourself you will have so much more success and when someone beats you, be happy for them!! They are working hard too and its okay for someone to set the bar higher. We all need that extra push!


Work hard. Be honest. Be humble.



I Don’t Want to “Bulk Up”

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This is a great article from Mike Boyle regarding the number one concern about “Weight Training”  that we get from many people, but mostly women.  This for the most part sums up the answer we give them.


In order to effectively and honestly develop training programs it is important to revisit what we know or more importantly, what we think we know, about the development of hypertrophy (Muscle Building). I must confess that I’m not a hypertrophy expert. I discovered this information mostly by accident. I train primarily athletes and generally don’t worry about hypertrophy to any great degree. I began to question what I had always taken for granted about hypertrophy. Recently I’ve begun to look at some of the accepted ideas about training in general, and about hypertrophy in particular, that many of us in the fields of strength and conditioning and personal training seem to accept as factual. Lets take a look at some of these myths about hypertrophy:


1) Do bodyweight exercises to avoid hypertrophy?

Lets ask ourselves a simple question. Do muscles have the capability to recognize type of resistance? Can a muscle tell the difference between a weight, a band or a spring? How about a dumbbell or the weight of the human body? I don’t believe so. One of my favorite lines of bull is the old “ this exercise or training method will give you long, lean muscles like a dancer”. This is akin to telling people you can turn an apple into an orange right before their eyes. You can no more make a short stocky female client have long lean muscles like a dancer than you make someone taller. Exercise will remove subcutaneous bodyfat and reduce intramuscular fat stores but, changing the source of resistance in a resistance-based exercise will not produce a muscle that appears different and or larger. Muscles can’t tell the difference between resistance generated by a piece of iron, your own bodyweight or by a piece of rubber. Weight s can be hard, bodyweight can be hard, bands can be hard.




If weight training had to be done with a free weight to produce hypertrophy then lat pulldowns would be a better exercise than chinups for upper back development. Thousands of bodybuilding articles tell us the opposite but, the resistance in a chin-up is “only” bodyweight. If we don’t want hypertrophy than don’t do light weights and more reps. I think the common prescription to avoid hypertrophy ( light weights, lots of reps) leans more towards a bodybuilding, mass producing prescription than away from it. If I wanted less hypertrophy, I would stay in the 5-6 rep range with higher loads and less sets. Bottom line, you can produce hypertrophy with weights or without.




3) Lift light weights and do more reps?

Light weight is an oxymoron. Why would anyone lift light weights? I often talk to trainees, particularly females who say something like “ I have 8 pound dumbbells and I do the same routine three times a week”. When I ask them how long they have been doing this they often say, “The last two years”. My response is, “Wow, by my estimation you’ve wasted about 100 weeks of training”. Usually their response is, “I don’t want to get too big”. This is one of my favorites. Ask a natural bodybuilder how much time and effort goes into gaining ten pounds of muscle. Most male natural bodybuilders will tell you that it takes about a year to gain ten pounds of quality muscle. For a female this could be two years. Isn’t it great that our 8 lb dumbbell waving female client is concerned about too much hypertrophy. I recently trained a golfer with the same concerns. He didn’t want to gain too much size. He thought it would hurt his swing. I had the same response to him that I do to most female clients, “Don’t worry about it”. Gaining size takes a lot of time and effort. It’s like someone saying “I don’t read, I don’t want to get too smart”.


What actually happens


The Truth About Hypertrophy

The fact of the matter is that hypertrophy may be the goal for some clients and considered an unwanted byproduct of training by others. In either case it should not be a great concern. The reality is that hypertrophy for most, non-anabolic using clients, is in fact hard to come by. An unfortunate problem with hypertrophy training is that our concept of how to train for hypertrophy has been heavily influenced by steroid users. If a client wants to weight train but has no desire for hypertrophy I would perform 5-6 reps per set. I would avoid the conventional three to four exercises per body-part favored by the bodybuilding crowd. I would perform one or two exercises for each movement pattern but, stay in the 5-6 rep range.

The public is uninformed and often as trainers we’re just playing along. We talk to clients about tone, and about changing muscle structure ( long dancers muscles). I just hope that people in the industry can see that this is salesmanship and not science. I have an idea. Why not tell our athletes and clients the truth? When your female client says “ I don’t want to get too big”, tell her the truth. Say, Don’t worry I’m not sure you’ll train hard enough to produce much muscle anyway. Your athletes are worried about getting too big? Tell them not worry about getting big because it takes a huge amount of work and great genetics.

Mike Boyle

2014 “FENDER”

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7th Annual “FENDER”




The Workout
4 man team
Travel 2 miles w/ 2 “Rucks” per team
300 reps of each
*Kettlebell swings
*Box Jumps
*Wall Balls
*Pull ups
*Push ups
This can be done in any order
The team must travel together
Only 2 people workout at 1 time
The team will carry their Kettlebells in the Ruck
This year we will be doing the “FENDER” Memorial workout on Saturday May 24th at 9am.  This year will be very similar to years past: an awesome workout, a lot of people participating, good BBQ (POT LUCK STYLE), and all for a good cause.  If you are coming with another affiliate or you have some equipment and you are able to, please bring: Kettlebells, Med Balls and Military style “Alice” Pack if you have it (please clearly mark your gear).


Lythanial Fender and many men and women have made the sacrifice, so you can have the freedoms and way of life we sometimes take for granted . The least you can do is come and support and remember him and the brave members of our military for a few hours. Don’t be “weak”, anyone can do it.
Bring your 4 man team or just bring yourself and we will group you up accordingly to your ability.


Show Time
Workout Time
“FENDER” in the NEWS
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